Access Charger

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High Frequency Based Multi-Charger

  • MicroComputer Smart Charger
  • Charges all common battery types
  • High efficiency, 92%
  • High power factor, 0.95
  • Low weight and small value
  • Wireless Radio Standard on all PowerHouse Access Chargers
  • Display and control pannel permit simple programming
  • Advanced precision control for best battery life
  • 1800 cycles of archived charging data
  • 480VAC, 3PH

EL Charger

Performance & Value Without Compromise.

PowerHouse EL chargers are ferroresonant chargers designed, built, and tested in the United States to deliver a 100% battery recharge in 10 hours or less.

Ferroresonant technology has been the de facto industry standard in battery charging for more than three decades because of the reliability and durability inherent to the design.

Key features include:

  • Fail Safe Operation
  • Low Maintenance
  • Fully Automatic
  • Efficient Power
    • -87% Efficient
    • -92% Power Factor

Reliable Regulated Battery Charging.

  • Finish Rate Regulated within +/- 1%
  • Designed for AC Input Variance of +6%/-10%
  • dV/dT Charge Termination
  • Fully Automated - Starts with 5 Second Delay
  • Easy Access for AC Tap Settings to Change Input Voltage
  • Manual Equalize Charge
  • Easy-To-Read LED Status Indicators

Evolution Charger

Variable Configuration Architecture

The EVOLUTION Series of chargers are modular concept chargers offering multiple configuration capability. The independent power modules, installed in parallel, allow the user to add individual modules, increasing the charger’s output for a minimal upgrade cost.

The parallel module design provides built-in redundancy that ensures that in the event of a module failure the charger will continue to operate, at a slightly lower current output, until the problematic module is replaced. In the event of a module failure, the module can quickly be replaced. The charger display will indicate the module failure and with the removal of a few screws, the faulted module can simply be unplugged and a new module plugged in, replace the door, re-energize the charger, and it is back to work. The unique modular architecture provides unmatched value, as diagnosis and repair of an EVOLUTIONis the simplest and fastest of any charger in service today.

iHF Series Charger

No Maintenance. High Performance.

  • Multiple pre-programmed charging curves are included with a USB port using Windows™ based software for easy operation, maintenance and statistics.
  • Reduced volume and weight by a factor of 5 compared to ferro chargers.
  • Supplied with an optional BATCOM™ wireless controller that can provide information to the corresponding charger such as over-temperature, low electrolyte and battery state-of-charge.
  • True industrial quality – designed for 15 years or 30 000 operating hours.
  • Bright blue LED indicator on front panel for low electrolyte level alarm.
  • Large “traffic lighting” charge status light.
  • Optional remote control switch off. Optional automatic battery watering.
  • Designed for networking and internet-based remote site management.
  • UL, cUL and CSA approved.

Power House Premium Charger

Proven Technology, Built to Last

Power House Premium Charges deliver the reliability and low cost of operation based on a proven three-transformer ferroresonant design. The superior quality and reliability represents a real value for even the most demanding applications.

  • Fully Automatic.
  • Fail-Safe Operation.
  • Rugged Cabinet Design
  • Designed for Three Shift Operations.
  • Highly Reliable with Low Maintenance.