On-Site Field

Battery Tech a full-service battery and charger shop .We offer on-site repairs when possible , and our service facility will take care of all issues that can't be resolved at your location.

Battery services included:

Full PM

Cleaning/ Neutralizing

Watering Systems

Removal and Installation


DC Lead Replacement



Lead Strap Replacement

We offer professional on-site training ,at no cost

Forklift batteries are expensive and can be dangerous . we take the time to teach our customers and their employees the proper way to take care of thier investment while staying safe.Our classes are approximately 30-45 minutes in length.Our professional instructors provide sign-off sheets for the employer, for their records,showing employees have completed the class and understand the Do's and Don'ts.We also give the customer a laminated safety poster of the Do's and Don'ts to hang on the wall by their charging station

Rapid Response Service Available to all of the Denver Metro